Flavortown has arrived at Piroshki on 3rd!

Thank you for all the kind comments about my first appearance on national TV.  I hope it's not my last.

The episode is called "Tasty Traditions", Season 28, Episode 17.  It was first aired on Friday, Aug 10th at 6:00PM PST.   You can also watch the episode on youtube (starting at $1.99).

Also, we don't just do piroshkies.  Please be sure to check out our desserts and custom cakes as well.  Also to find out more about my story click here.



PS: We are looking into the possibility of shipping our piroshkies and cakes US-wide.  If that if that is something that interests you let us know.  If you can help us with the logistics of one-day shipping cold food that would also be helpful.


Check us out also on foodiepie.

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