How secure is your website?

We use shopify for secure online orders.  Shopify has hundreds of thousands of stores on it's platform.  You can read more about how secure Shopify is right here.  You also have the option of paying through paypal or amazon if that works better for you.  For online delivery we currently use postmates which is used by thousands of other restaurants.

Do you use artificial preservatives?

We don't use artificial preservatives and we only use natural ingredients.  This means we will only keep many of our items (including piroshkis) to a minimal amount of time.

Do you use MSG?

We do not use MSG in any of our products.

Do you use High Fructose Corn Syrup?

We don't cook any of our products with high Fructose Corn Syrup.  However we do stock coke and other pre-packaged goods that might contain it.  Note we also have Mexican coke which uses real cane sugar available in store.

Where can I order for delivery

Outside our website we currently offer these options for delivery:

- Postmates

- Grubhub

- Waiter.com (catering)

- Eat24 (pickup only)

- Ubereats 

Why are your Piroshkies different than ones I've had before?

We pride ourselves on how authentic our Piroshkies are. Some may try to fry it, some may use puff pastry, but we bake ours in a fluffy and buttery brioche bun. We invite you to come and try ours and see how it compares!

Do you give refunds?

If you call before we prepare the food we do provide refunds.

For delivery orders if the food is already sent out for delivery and the delivery guy makes it to your address and gives you the right items, we do not provide refunds.

For pickup orders please call us if you are going to be late. We like to try to keep our food as fresh as possible and also may ask our workers to wait for you if you are arriving after hours.

For complaints, give us a call as there might be special cases where we make exceptions.

How much notice must I give a catered order?

Generally, 48 hours is best for us.  However, if it is a small order (under $200) we can likely do it sooner if you call us.

However, we have optimised this online delivery options when you purchase on the website to allow tighter windows of time.  The website will only present which times are available. 

For example, if you ring the night before we can have the ladies start the next morning on your order. If you ring after 10am it will take the ladies 4-5 hours to produce an order. If the online ordering does not list the times you need. Please call as we may be able to make an exception.

Why does postmates delivery option only show up between 9am-9pm when ordering?

This is an issue with how postmates works.   We are working on finding a solution around this problem. 

How long do deliveries normally take?

Once the order is prepared we contact the delivery guy who normally arrives within a few minutes.  Then it takes them on average about 8minutes per mile depending on traffic.  Since many of our delivery guys with postmates use bikes they can often get around heavy traffic.

What is a piroshki?

They are small baked or fried turnovers or dumplings with savory meat, vegetable or fruit filling. Piroshki are great "on the go" snacks, but even better as a complete meal.

Unlike many piroshki restaurants, our piroshkis are baked not fried using an authentic recipe and dough. We believe that our piroshkis are the best looking and best tasting in Seattle.

Who can I call if my delivery has not arrived yet?

We are sorry to hear this.  We are focused on customers service and will go out of our way to resolve any issue you have.  Please call us at (206) 322-2820.  Please be aware that given traffic and weather conditions deliveries can occasionally be delayed up to an hour for longer distances.

How do I reheat my piroshki?

40 seconds in the microwave on high.  For improved taste please also place for 30 seconds in the oven at 350 degrees.

Is there parking at the restaurant?

There is plenty of parking around the restaurant.  There is a parking lot on Cherry street next to the building Piroshki on 3rd is in.

If you are just picking up there is temporary free parking in front of the store and on cherry street.  It should only take about 5 minutes to pickup an order.

Also you can have something delivered right to your door using postmates or ubereat (search for piroshki on 3rd).

Alternatively there is a bus stop right in front of the store and a train station one block away.

Parking for quick pickups

Closest spot on 3rd in front of store

Another spot on Cherry near hotel

24 hour cancellation policy

Our piroshkies take a significant amount of time to prep and make.  Since we try to keep our piroshkies as fresh as possible we normally can't resell piroshkies that are not picked up.  Therefore if you order within 24 hours and wish to cancel we maintain the right to charge for the entire order.