Valentines edible cake box special

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Mess-free sweets for your sweet!

Love is in the air and nothing says "I love you" (or "I remembered to get you something") more than a box of chocolates...

But what do you do with the box after you're done with the chocolates? Throw it out? Put it in a shrine somewhere? What if you could just eat it?

Our pre-order Valentine's special is an all-edible chocolate box made out of either dark chocolate or red velvet cake that is covered with white chocolate and filled with a variety of our handmade chocolate truffles and bonbons!

Confections pictured include:

Hazelnut Truffle Amaretto Almond Truffle Raspberry Chambord bonbons Banana Caramel bonbons

The small cake only has 1 flavor. If you choose more than one we will pick one of those flavors.